Sequential Underground #26

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Sequential Underground
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Shawn Atkins, Dan Greenwald, and Nick Marino recap their 24-Hour Comics Day experience at the Toonseum.

Shawn did an artistic Gello Apocalypse story, while Nick drew a dramatic Stick Cats tale. Dan talks about past 24HCDs, including his 2010 story, Spacebase 01.

Then we talk about PIX! Everybody’s excited about the 2nd year of Pittsburgh’s Indy Comics Expo. Dan’ll have Spacebase 01, Blue Wraith minicomics, and more. Shawn’ll have this year’s and last year’s 24-hour comics, Phoenix 9, Explorers of the Unknown, Gello Apocalypse, and hopefully some prints.

Nick will have tons of comics both old and new (see above) including Zombie Palin, Super Haters, Time Log, Stick Cats, Passage, XLK, and more!

NEXT: A PIX and NYCC Recap!

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