The Process – Episode 5

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Show Notes

The fifth episode of the writing podcast, The Process. Hosted by Kurtis J. Wiebe (Intrepids, Green Wake), Ryan Lindsay (CBR) and Jeremy Holt (Joy Hog), The Process takes aim at the comic writing industry with the high hope of tackling a stack of interesting topics from collaboration to publication.

Wow Factor – A discussion about our favourite comic moments of the week, be it a specific panel, page or collection of pages. This episode the gents discuss Orc Stain, Uncanny X-Force #14, Animal Man, and From the Ashes and as a direct result of that comic discussion they talk about being ‘Zombie’d Out’.

Progress Report – The gents chat about their victories in personal writing projects and Jeremy lets us know about his recent experience with FanExpo in Toronto as well as a dinner date with Mr. Steve Niles and the setback of having a pitch artist drop out of a project, Kurtis does a FanExpo retrospective where he ‘Released the Kraken’ and talks about his progress into the early stages of writing full time, and finally Ryan talks about an amazing creative collaboration with an artist and forward steps with his novel.

Grill ‘Em! – We open the floor to you the listener, this week we tackle two questions!

Amit via email – How do you go about writing characters outside your own gender, culture, ethnicity, …mental health? What kind of research do you do? And in a related vein: Do you base characters off people you know in real life? Does that help with the aforementioned issue?

The Process – The heart of The Process series where the hosts talk about their personal spin on the creative development of their projects. They take a look at the time of day they write and if there’s a special Batcave where the magic happens.

The Roundtable – An open talk about a random comic related topic, this week the boys discuss if another line wide sweep occurred at the Big Two, and they got caught in the net cast, would they be ready with something up their sleeves?


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