A Podcast with Ross and Nick #111

A Podcast with Ross and Nick

Listen to A Podcast with Ross and Nick #111 right now!

FIRST: Announcements about Podcamp Pittsburgh and NYCC 2011.

BUT: Ross is dreading the fact that he has to call his insurance agent… so he talks about his driving history and past car crashes. Nick relates his (MOSTLY FALSE) car crash stories, as well as the (TRUE!) time he fought for his wallet after waking up on the streets of Miami.

THEN: Jason A asked us about collaboration. Ross discusses his failed comics collaboration attempts and drops some good advice about starting out slow. And Nick shares what he’s learned from his previous collabos.

AND: Ross wants to know who’s on the cover to Wolverine and the X-Men #1.

PLUS: Kya-Kyabetsu wants to know about finding a publisher and getting paid. Ross recommends showing your work to publishers at conventions. Or self-publishing. As for getting paid… uhhhh… he suggests getting paying jobs from publishers even though it’s tough.

NEXT: Makeup tips and the fashion in Ross’s comics!

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