The MeanGeek-Comics Podcasting on the Edge of Civility-Episode #78-“Have a Fruit Smoothie, and Go To Bed”


Starting with a disgusting discussion on catshit, we move on to The Pile.  Starting with Morrison’s Batman Inc 6, with the Emoticons, which, you know, made me retch; marvel at how halo and looker can be stealth; preferring a Bat-Mite book from Morrison. We then find Nick Fury essentially wrote Genesis that he’s been around so long manipulating things…then, we sigh, was disappointed by Herc: Fear Itself… swim in the warm, welcoming waters of the last Herc book…got through the magic auction of Unwritten, which, so you know, we dug the frig out of, then continue a Vertigo love fest in Cinderella: From Fabletown With Love, then experience a falling of crests with Vader and the Lost Command, question how the Emperor let him puss out so long; moving along to Snyders’ Detective, with the strange reveal we see…Batman starts to look up; get driven up the wall be revisionist plots….and really, what we want to see is Odin and Galactus throw down. Avengers 1059 rocked too. Seriously, get that shit. Give us a shout at 203 533 4910, mail us at, join us on Facebook and Twitter.



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