Sequential Underground #22

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Sequential Underground
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Scrapped projects!

A call in from Ben Beesly a.k.a. Beeslo kicks things off. Then Shawn talks about his dead project that was a combination of Three Stooges and Reservoir Dogs and Seth discusses his Lost in Space meets the Odd Couple project that never happened — Small Man in Big World.

Nick talks about the evolution of Jared Cohen: Supervillain, Evil Andy, and Evil Dick and how they morphed into a realized project — Zombie Palin. And Shawn discusses how his scrapped college project led to the ongoing Explorers of the Unknown.

THEN… Nick gives advice via his Super Haters experience — don’t get discouraged if something gets scrapped! Be patent. You never know when the time will be right.

And remember — you can’t spell scrapped with crap. JUST KIDDING! Don’t give up on your stories.

NEXT: Unconventional influences.

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