Panel Discussions #13 – The Baker’s Dozen of DOOM!

This week on Panel Discussions, the show goes WEEKLY!

Also, I encounter every technological problem known to man, including the inability to use the letter “b” on my keyboard. So please excuse any b-related typos.

On the heels of race and sex debates raging with regard to DC’s relaunch, Ultimate Spider-Man and Man of Steel, I sit back and address none of it-or next to none-talking instead about the slate of titles I’d release next if I were DC, and how I would do it. Also, breaking news not yet on the front page of CR in the first five minutes, AND RELATED TO THE TOPIC. How lucky is that?

The articles I refer to in the show:

The DCnU’s female troubles by Vaneta Rogers

What’s Next for the DCnU? Some ideas…! (Part One)

Some More Ideas for the DCnU (Part Two)

…And this week’s music is by Springsteen; you can purchase it here.

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