A Podcast with Ross and Nick #108

A Podcast with Ross and Nick

Listen to A Podcast with Ross and Nick #108 right now!

Listener feedback! Brett gives detailed a description of his grooming habits and Dan Greenwald gives an EXTREME Challenge post-mortem.

Then we answer some listener questions from Ross’s deviantART podcast suggestions postHell-is-a-56 wants to know who Ross would like to have voice his characters if they were animated (Nick steals the question and talks about Super Haters), and EarthmanPrime wants Ross to talk about the do’s and don’ts of the comics industry.

Then Nick gives a flawed Wonder Man history rundown and Ross talks about mullets. And… NEXT EPISODE’S CALL IN THEME: You get two options — tell us your feelings about backstory (do you have a backstory to share from your comic or do you think backstory is a waste of time?), OR tell us if your feet smell and what you do about it! Call our automated AudioShocker Comment Line at 412-567-7606 — messages record for up to three minutes.

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