Cape Town Community Podcast – Ep. 026 – “It’s a Big, Big, Big, Big Week for Comic Books”

Don is joined by Max this week to review a large stack of books. The boys play, whose stack is larger—Max wins with an astounding 42 books last week. Don’s own stack comes in at a mite 27. Nonetheless, that amounts to more reviews for you! Does X-Men: Schism live up to the hype? Does the Captain America relaunch? Or Ultimate Fallout? Or The Red Wing? There were a lot of first issues this week—so sit back and enjoy the reviews!


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Cape Town Comic Discussion

00:05:48 X-Men: Schism #1: Jason Aaron script is excellent offering perfection on each page. Carlos Pacheco’s artwork is great, but what’s up with Wolverine’s head?

00:13:01 Ultimate Fallout #1: Brian Michael Bendis keeps the bar set high as the tragedy of Peter Parker’s death sets in.

00:16:25 Captain America #1: Ed Brubaker and Steve McNiven begin a solid new Captain America run.

00:21:44 The Red Wing #1: Jonathan Hickman has presented a thinking man’s adventure.

00:26:13 FF #6: Max finds this issue gratifying as a fan of Hickman’s body of work. Don thought the lack of FF was not a great choice this early in the run of this new title.

00:30:14 The Amazing Spider-Man #665: Dan Slott presents a new viewpoint into the well-traveled relationship of Peter and May Parker—and it’s fantastic.

00:35:14 The New Avengers #14: Mike Deodato’s artwork is as effective as it’s ever been in this Mockingbird-centric issue.

00:42:00 The Avengers vs. The New Ultimates #6: Ultimate Thor doesn’t mess around.

00:44:43 All Winner’s Squad: Band of Heroes #2: Max is enjoying this Paul Jenkins book more than Don, who isn’t sure the narrative choices are effective.

00:48:48 Crawl to Me #1: There is nothing haunting about this sub-par new horror comic book from IDW.

00:52:19 Ghost Rider #1: Max is happy with Rob Williams’ new Ghost Rider title.

00:54:59 American Vampire: Survival of the Fittest #1: We’re loving the double dose of American Vampire!

00:58:37 Green Lantern #67: We knew part of what was coming at the conclusion of the issue—but Geoff Johns fits in another interesting surprise.

01:01:11 Detective Comics #879: Francesco Francavilla’s artwork is as stunning as ever.

01:05:36 Black Panther: The Man Without Fear #521: A new Hate Monger is in town—and we like him.


Cape Town News Discussion

01:10:24: DC has drawn the line with their DCnU artists. We also discuss double and triple shipping titles each month.

01:17:28: Comic Con prices have gone up—will this affect sales?

01:22:53: Marvel has been teasing a possible new Defenders ongoing series.


Song “Cherry Red”



Runtime: 1:29:51

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The Cape Town Community Podcast is a weekly comic book show in which the hosts, Don and Jerry, review and discuss a handful of the comic books released this week as well as chat about comic book related news—such as upcoming movies, television, creative changes on ongoings, new titles, etc. We promise to conduct a fair and constructive discussion on comic books that entertains you on your way to work, at the gym, between classes, or wherever you choose to listen to your comic book podcasts. Welcome to the Cape Town Community!

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