Cape Town Community Podcast – Ep. 025 – “What’s Another Word for Hammer-Wielding?”

Sorry folks! I put the post up without posting the podcast! Our ‘lil review show comes out every Sunday and is usually posted here without any errors.
Twenty Five episodes! Wow! It took us 25 weeks to get here but we did it! This week was a huge week for both publishers and there was a lot of good reads—but not everything. Don and Jerry are happy that the Big Two publishers are putting out splashy, fun blockbusters this summer.
Cape Town Comic Discussion
00:10:05 Fear Itself #4: This book kicks into high-gear just in time to quell fears that the book might be aimless.
00:15:15 Flashpoint #3: While we’re not yet sold on Cyborg, this Flashpoint is pushing all the right buttons.
00:20:23 Flashpoint: Batman: Knight of Vengeance #2: How do you make Batman’s life look like a walk in the park? Just read Brian Azarello alternate take on the Dark Knight.
00:23:17 Trailblazer One-Shot: We wanted more story from this one-shot—which we think is a compliment.
00:28:06 Hulk #36: Jeff Parker delivers another great Hulk one-shot. Hardly shocking.
00:31:39 Moon Knight #3: Wow—Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev are delivering the most unexpectedly off-kilter superhero book in memory.
00:35:27 Supreme Power #2: Kyle Higgins is expounding on wonderfully on the world that J. Michael Straczynski established.
00:39:57 Flashpoint: Abin Sur the Green Lantern #2: Sinestro is just being Sinestro.
00:43:48 Red Skull Incarnate #1: If all dogs go to heaven, there must be a long line to get in this week.
00:47:56 Wolverine & the Black Cat: Claws II #1: Remember Trailblazer? We dug that book.
00:51:48 Uncanny X-Men #540: Greg Land knows how to draw sexy women and men.
00:56:51 Vengeance #1: While we enjoyed Nick Dragotta’s fine artwork, we were left a little lost with Joe Casey’s story.
Cape Town News Discussion
01:01:38 Warner Bros. has optioned Undying Love, the fantastic new vampire mini-series from Image.
01:03:44 A handful of Superman: The Man of Steel set pics have leaked—and we like the possibility of there being some action in this film.
01:06:07 DC Universe announced that a Catwoman featurette would be attached to the Batman: Year One film.
01:08:18 We speculate on what the mysterious Jeph Loeb/Ed McGuiness project might be.
01:11:19 The first Dark Knight Rises trailer is just a week away!
Song “There Was a Thump, Then Another”
You, Me, and Everyone We Know
Runtime: 1:17:39
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