The MeanGeek-Comics Podcasting on the Edge of Civility-Episode 75.1-“…And Nick Cage Will Be In My Stocking. I Can’t Have That!”


we make fun of ian. but he isn’t reading or listening anyway. 😛

We introduce Gobble-Con to the World, Connecticut’s premiere anime/steampunk/comic/comic cosplay con. Rev admits he got trapped in FF?? and gave up; Kevin Smiths’ departure from film; talk about Hickman’s Pax Romana, cleaned up at a small show with 5 trades at 2 each, so who knows Exiles?! Moving on to new books we cover Amazing Spider Man, uniforms in super teams, opposing each other in our views; note how spidey is actually going backwards but we like it nonetheless; look at Spider-Man-The One; remember what annuals used to be like, wonder when they will run out of secret nazi bases, and now…now..what would happen if everyone just swapped books-bendis, brubacker, fraction, all moving left  and did each others books. So much more.

I apologize for the running over of the two clips for those few seconds. thought i had them aligned but im just lame.

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