Chronic Insomnia – Issue # 197: The Graham Reflux Episode!

Mike and Ryan conduct the world’s most absurd comics podcast, this week with 27% more gastric issues!  Clearly we are ready for a retirement community, because a handful of graham crackers send both of our systems into complete revolt!

Pretty much all news is DC news at this point.  The mighty Brian Hibbs weighed in on the relaunch with his latest Tilting column, so we weigh in on that, and somewhere amidst all the weighing, Mark Waid is frowning and doesn’t know why.  Ryan also waxes philosophical about the tenuous balance of good will between comics and consumers, so you’ll want to skip all of that for sure.  Most importantly, Remy over at Where Monsters Dwell has coined the phrase “same day digital”.  As your attorney, I advise all of you to start using it, because “day and date” does not compute.

More earning opportunities in Market Spotlight, stuff we missed on the racks last week, stuff you shouldn’t miss on the racks this week, the return of The Canada Report, and an awful lot of content based upon the sexual barter system of trapped Chilean miners.  Because we’re nothing if not cutting edge.

Mark Waid is on this week’s WMD!  Are you kidding me???  Make sure to check out our favorite Canadians on Where Monsters Dwell, every Wednesday night on CHSR FM.  We also have a blog that a lot of people are reading; make sure you are one of them.

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