The Mean Geek- Comics Podcasting on the Edge of Civility-Epsiode #74-“‘Like Jimmy Olsen On a Four Day Bender!”



BS Episode-Alternate Title-“Do Not Speak Ill of the Fabulous Frog Man”

TechJedi goes through his now complete run through BioShock, contrast our playing styles, spending farrr too much time on it, since it’s like a thousand years old. Quit DC U Online before the hack; then we run through some serious ancient history going through OHOTMU, wherein we are shocked about how much ink given the most obscure characters were getting. We note Cloak, Cloud, The Defenders, Cobra, delve into some character trivia as a result, cover the FIVE CRIMSON DYNAMOS, note Tech’s love of schematics; man, it’s a hot mess of old story lines, unused groups, and arcane references. You’ll need your own OHOTMU to follow along…love us. Leave us an email at, call us at 203 533 4910, follow on facebook and twitter as well. cmon. it doesn’t hurt.


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