Chronic Insomnia – Issue # 196 Return of Metro Mike!

Because you demanded it, Metro Mike once again joins Ryan and Regular Mike and storms the world’s most absurd comics podcast like the beaches of Normandy!  (If by “storm” you mean grope, and by “Normandy”, you mean Ryan’s peaches!)

In case you hadn’t noticed, DC is going to relaunching itself.  Is this just what the comics medium needed?  Is it the potential downfall of the direct market?  Just plain ballsy?  It’s all these things and more – full, detailed analysis of the next comics epoch included.

Flashpoint, Dave Sim, and Azazel roster this week’s Market Spotlight, a preview of this week’s upcoming releases, and a special Listener Mail segment encourages Metro Mike to reveal his secret forbidden love of a certain whip-wielding Thundercat!

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