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MOCK TURTLENECKS? Good lord why!?!?! Nick calls out DC Comics and Jim Lee for their fashion-backward Justice League redesigns. Put that in your Project : Rooftop and smoke it, fanboys!!!

ALSO: More on the DC Comics September reboot. Fifty #1 issues? Really? Mad Eater Lad #1? SERIOUSLY???

6 thoughts on “AudioShocker Podcast #180.5 – DC Comics Reboot

  1. I personally love turtlenecks ( the fold over kind, not the shorter ” glorified crewneck ” ones ) when it’s cold, but I’m not a fan of them on my superheroes for some reason.

    They just look wrong.

    On the lady heroes ( ’90s Black Canary, Mage, Oracle ), they’re acceptable though.

    Jim must be a fan of the ’80s and ’90s.

  2. Yeah, I’m with ya. I don’t mind the t-neck on Black Canary… I think it makes her look distinct and sleek. But on a character like Superman, I think it diminishes the visual strength of his shoulders.

  3. I completely agree. What is up with the mock-turtle neck/cadet collars on Supes, GL and Aquaman? And I’m not feeling the chocker and arm band on WW either (tough I do like the swap from gold to silver metal). It’s like they visited Edna Mode and she decided that Cadet Collars are now “in” for supersuits. Jim, get a clue and don’t make things so matchy-matchy. And for GOD sakes lose the chocker!!

  4. Though I see similarities in his line work and his figures are somewhat the same since his early 90s breakout, I see a lot of changes in the movement of his characters and the layout decisions Jim Lee makes. To me, it’s pretty different from how it was back in the 90s, and at the very least it’s really different from how it was on X-Men. I think his Batman run is evidence of that. I personally love Jim Lee’s art… but I’m just not feeling these cadet collars/mock turtle v-necks/whatever the hell you’d call them!

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