The Next Issue 59: Missed the Rapture but we still may go straight to Hell!!

The Next Issue Podcast

Is nothing sacred?? Aitch, Greg, Mike and guest co hostess Makeda take potshots the Macho Man, Ahhhnuld and a few other items before turning their attention to the show. We discuss how Wonder Woman was mercifully put out of its misery before it got out of the gate, McFarlane rebooting the Flintstone franchise and other newsworthy items. In 1st Impressions we discuss the Smallville finale, 13 Assassins and LA Noire. What are we watching? Aitch is watching Shadowboxer with Cuba Gooding…should you? And in Comic Reviews we look at Fear Itself 2, Flashpont 1, The Gladstone School for World Conquerers and more. We round out the show with Mike telling us his top 5 upcoming picks and there is a contest afoot! If you want to win some comics, listen in and find out what it is!!

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