Chronic Insomnia – Issue # 193 You Can’t Handle The Truth! (Or Cucumber)

Buckle up for another edition of sooth-saying and truth spouting from Chronic Insomnia, the world’s most absurd comics podcast!  Mike and Ryan take “Vegas Strip Batman” and Justiniano off the pull list.  We decide to test drive actually responding to listener input, and also bask in the industrial strength adorableness of Alison Mack in our Smallville Series Finale coverage.  I like Chloe.  Sue me.

We laugh ourselves into bladder issues creating this nonsense, so if you get even 10% of that, you should enjoy yourself without suffering incontinence.  Why not download this week?

If you like big fat girls, you should definitely experience Monster Mike and the rest of the Where Monsters Dwell crew…..We also have a wonderful blog you should be reading.  As always we love the all of you.

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