Chronic Insomnia – Issue # 192 There Can Be Only Fun!

This week the Chronic Crew consists of Mike, Ryan, and Sean Connery, the Highlander of Podcasting!  This episode will demonstrate why you don’t want to be a pygmy goat in West Virginia, and why Thor is a B+ movie.

Also, we play America’s favorite podcast game show: Real, Fictional, or Elected Canadian Official?  Will Mike win fabulous cash and prizes, or will the pressure crush the knowledge from his high octane brain?  Perhaps his brain just explodes!  Don’t you dare miss it!

As always check out our friends at Where Monsters Dwell.  We also have a huge blog that you should be reading.  This week it’s going to be the location of Market Spotlight, since we ran out of time on the show.  Oh yeah and we love the all of you.

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