The MeanGeek-Comics Podcasting on the Edge of Civility-Episode #70-“But Lantern Shmoozy Lets Us Do It!”


Due to the backlog of episodes over the last weeks, we finally get to the preparation for the trip to Emerald city two months ago. That’s right, in an effort to get ahead, we’re late. Fuck it. Before that all though, we cover really, really bad toy tie ins, including magneto’s flying discs, tmnt nite vision spy goggles, nerf blasters, shield blasters, then straight into the listings of things i intended to get signed at ECCC, including Booster Gold, then some reviews of Green Lantern books, spider-Man points 1, some Batbooks, Highland Laddie, Scarlet, run through which books will mess with which artists, and a whole lot of weirdness aside from all that. Come leave us a voicemail at 203 5334910


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