Chronic Insomnia – Issue # 191 Strawberry Salmon Ice Cream!

Hi.  I’m Ryan Lee, the Louden Swain of Podcasting.  For nearly 200 episodes, my producer and good friend Mike and myself have been creating the world’s most absurd comic book podcast.  This particular show is quite possibly the most stupid we have ever recorded.  And that isn’t easy at this point.

If that isn’t enough to chase you away, please be warned that in this episode we cover the Action Comics # 900 somehow means Superman is a pinko commie non-story, the Sam Jackson gets his script stolen because Comic Book Nation has all the discipline of a meth-addled toddler and have created a market for such things story, and the Brian Bendis is writing a Marvel Universe MMO story.

More importantly, we explain the meaning behind Safety Dance.  So at least something came out of this nonsense.  We’ll be better next week.

Also check out our good friends at Where Monsters Dwell.  We also have an award winning blog, please check it out.

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