Cape Town Community Podcast – Ep. 015 – “The Wizards of Waverly Con”

Well, we are out a little later than usual because we had a long weekend at our first Con: the Wizard World Anaheim Comic Con. We met a ton of wonderful people, podcasters, comic book enthusiasts, creators, and all around nice folks. We also made time to review a whopping 12 new books this week—our most ever! Of course we wouldn’t miss and opportunity to share our thoughts on the hotly controversial Action Comics #900, which was the topic of a lot of conversation on the Con floor.

The show is embedded below and is now available on iTunes for subscription. Each episode will labeled “podcast” on our site (click here) so you can link to previous episodes on the blog. Refer to the Show Notes to prevent any spoiling (which we do a lot!).

Cape Town Comic Discussion
00:04:12 Action Comics #900: We were not pleased with the arbitrary link made between the amazing “Black Ring” story and the inferior “Reign of Doomsday” story. We also have some thought on Superman’s renouncing of his American citizenship.
00:15:48 The Mighty Thor #1: Between Matt Fraction and Olivier Coipel, this is a mighty fine start for Thor’s new book.
00:22:00 Avengers #12.1: Don has finally found an issue of this title that he has thoroughly enjoyed. We both found Bryan Hitch a welcome addition as a guest artist.
00:28:15 FF #2: Jonathan Hickman and Steve Epting have produced another fantastic issue of this exciting new book.
00:32:14 Morning Glories #9: Are you still going through Lost withdrawals? Consider picking up Morning Glories.
00:36:03 X-Men #10: We would love to see a Victor Gischler penned Spider-Man book.
00:40:13 Malignant Man #1: We are indignant over the Malignant Man.
00:44:39 Detective Comics #876: Detective Comics is arguably the best Batman book being published.
00:48:02 American Vampire #14: Scott Snyder is not telling an ordinary vampire tale.
00:52:18 Amazing Spider-Man #659: We’re loving Dan Slott’s over-the-top approach to Spidey and the FF.
00:58:55 Venom #2: Slott might have had a stronger approach to this new version of Venom.
01:03:21 Justice League: Generation Lost #24: Judd Winick continues his winning streak as this mini comes to a close.
Cape Town Discussion
01:08:13 We share out thoughts on the Convention floor.
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The Cape Town Community Podcast is a weekly comic book show in which the hosts, Don and Jerry, review and discuss a handful of the comic books released this week as well as chat about comic book related news—such as upcoming movies, television, creative changes on ongoings, new titles, etc. We promise to conduct a fair and constructive discussion on comic books that entertains you on your way to work, at the gym, between classes, or wherever you choose to listen to your comic book podcasts. Welcome to the Cape Town Community!

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