Burnt Weiners Episode 071 Brightest Day #24 – Green Arrow #11 – Just League Gen Lost #24

Brightest Day is over and the Weiners have a lot of talk about with Green Arrow, Justice League Generation Lost and even the main title of Brightest Day. Please note this episode is extra spoilery (yes, that is a word), so be forewarned.


Into and Outro music:
The Bags – Unlock The Cage
From their album “Sharpen Your Sticks”

0:00:00 – Intro & Free Comic Book Day Talk
0:04:35 – Green Arrow #11 (DC)
0:10:17 – Brightest Day #24 (DC)
0:29:25 – Justice League Generation Lost #24 (DC)
0:39:20 – Venom #2 (Marvel)
0:44:00 – FCBD Intrepid EscapeGoat (Th3rd World Studios)
0:47:30 – Angel #44 (IDW)
0:51:45 – Warlord of Mars #6 (Dynamite Press)
0:58:35 – Ruse #2 (Marvel Crossgen)
1:01:02 – Hack Slash #3 (Image)
1:05:47 – Deadpool #36 (Marvel) & X-Factor Mention
1:08:16 – Zatanna #12 (DC)
1:11:45 – Wrapup and Outro

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