Hands Soft as a Baby’s Bottom

Video: Keith Olbermann Squeegies His Third Eye

We’ve got a packed show this week, featuring two co-hosts (show regular Jon Bidwell and introducing documentary filmmaker Zach Roberts), an interview with comic book writer Ron Marz (Witchblade, Artifacts) and exlusive audio comments from former MSNBC anchor Keith Olbermann, who was on hand with Zach and myself to see the US premiere of American: The Bill Hicks Story, an animated documentary film by British filmmakers Paul Thomas and Matt Harlock. Our thoughts on American fill the second half of the show. We have no music this week, instead leaning on Bill Hicks to provide act breaks and Olbermann to play us out.

Detailed episode breakdown:

0:00 – Introduction by Russ Burlingame

02:51 – Interview with Ron Marz
Ron Marz’s blog
Comic Book Resource’s Shelf Life archive (Marz’s column at CBR)

32:15 – Russ Burlingame and Jon Bidwell on creator-owned periodicals

61:32 – American: The Bill Hicks Story audio trailer (“a word from our sponsor”)

62:08 – Russ Burlingame and Zach Roberts on American: The Bill Hicks Story
American: The Bill Hicks Story website
Rent or Buy American: The Bill Hicks Story on Amazon (also available on cable VOD)

88:56 – Keith Olbermann on American: The Bill Hicks Story (recorded live in New York)

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