Dan Jurgens & Todd Dezago for my birthday.

Russ at the Mark Twain HouseToday’s show is kind of a crazy grab-bag of awesome. Dan Jurgens and Todd Dezago join us to talk about Booster Gold and motion comics, respectively. What did we learn? Well, the mystery of the Black Beetle will be solved-possibly soon after Flashpoint. Craig Rousseau is hard at work bringing the world more Perhapanauts-and this summer will see a motion comic based on a new, original Todd Dezago script-for Tellos!

In fact, there was so much to talk about that I completely forgot to check back with the message boards at boosterrific.com and had to add a quick-hit Q&A with Dan Jurgens onto the show notes here-please note that none of this conversation actually happens in the audio!

Panel Discussions: Will we ever see the Black Beetle arc finished? Will we learn the identity of Rip’s mom? Will you keep Rani?

Dan Jurgens: Yes to the first and third questions, while the second is more likely to stay a mystery!

PD: In 52 it was stated that Rip Hunter is the foremost expert on time travel and has security in place to ensure that no one can tamper with or steal his equipment. You have shown further security measures being in place in Brave and the Bold #23. That being the case, how were Black Beetle and later the other Time Stealers Despero and Degaton, able to break into Rips’ lab? Despero and Degaton even seemed shocked to see Rips’ as advance as he is. Did they think his expertise was exaggerated?

DJ: It’s safe to say that Rip’s lab is generally impervious to be people of normal means. For time travelers, it’s a bit of a different story.
Remember that Degaton and Despero were taken out of the past– seeing equipment from a variety of eras would be a surprise, no matter how competent they thought Rip was. Remember also that they were likely sent there by the Black Beetle, rather than simply following their own agenda.

PD: I believe you once said that you didn’t reveal everything about Booster’s past as you prefer to leave some of it a mystery for future stories. In the first series I got the impression that there was more to Boosters’ athletic past then we were being told. Particularly in a scene where Boosters’ training on a pommel horse, and later in little touches of his fighting style in the art when he’s not in a powered suit. Does his training exceed further than what’s generally implied (which is usually just football training)? Does he have an unexplored background in things like gymnastics and self defense?

DJ: There’s some truth to that, yes. But I think it’s also safe to say that a few hundred years from now, college students in general and athletes in particular will be better conditioned. 25 years ago, universities didn’t have training facilities nearly as grandiose as they do now. It’s part of a continuum.
And, yes, Michael Carter had an interest in pursuing those athletic and fighting disciplines before he ever became Booster.

…and on top of all of that, Russ talks to Todd Dezago about upcoming digital projects, and you get a sneak peek of one of the rarest Phil Ochs songs off all time.

Above is a photo of Russ on his recent vacation, dressed in a custom-tailored jacket made by Uncanny Adventures in Comic Costume Creations. It’s comfy and you should get one.

This week’s featured music is:

Fewn’s Haggling Powder from Awkwardcore Records, featuring the free single “Pinhole Camera”, which ran us out this episode.

Phil Ochs’s “Bwatue”, featured in the documentary film There But For Fortune, which (God willing) will have a soundtrack release. More information here.

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