The Mean Geek-Episode #65-“Krona, King of the F(*&^ed Up Guardians”

We discovered BUG-The Comic-and love it. TechJedi goes over his experiences in DCU Online, covering power, fights, mechanics, etc-which by the way, DR. PSYCHO for crissakes, note the lack of coolness in WonderWomans’ villains, review the various threads in Brightest Day, wonder desperately at the conclusion of same, note that the Rev is a Digger Hankness fan, had fun with GL/Plastic Man, reminisce about Waid’s JLA: Year One and the character interactions there, the Return of Krona, follow the development of Atrocitus and Larfleeze, discover the definition, much to our everlasting chagrin and disappointment, of slash fiction. <shudder> We move on to Rayner vs Sinestro, and so much more. visit us at, check it at facebook, subscribe to rss, mail us at, or leave a message on skyp at 203 533 4910!

Episode #65


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