Chronic Insomnia – Issue # 182 Ryan’s Birthday Episode 2011!

Time once again to throw out the regular format for the world’s most absurd comics podcast and strap in for “Ryan does what he wants”!  This year we celebrate my ever-approaching demise with The Pull List!  Adding to the Pull of Life:  Amber Heard, Nescafe, and Avengers shooting in Cleveland.  Dropping from the Pull of Life:  Bambi on Blue Ray, and Winning.

Phil Lamar jobs Geoff Johns, and he would have gotten away with it – if it weren’t for one meddling kid! Jonathan Hickman shows why he’s the best in the business on Fantastic Four # 588, and just as we realize that Deadpool Max is really special…it’s time to say goodbye.  Insert tears here, or just learn to live with it.  Nothing this good could ever last – just ask Nextwave.

Brian Bendis had plenty to say about “event fatigue” on a recent episode of John Siuntres’ outstanding Word Balloon podcast.  And I have plenty to say about what he said.  Which should surprise no one.  Saying stuff about things people said is what the Louden Swain of Podcasting is about.  Next week:  Mike’s birthday extravaganza!

Make sure to check out our friends at Where Monsters Dwell. They might be Canadian and our sworn imaginary enemies, but we love the all the same.  We also have a kick ass blog everyone should be reading and a poorly designed, 33.6% finished website.  As always, we love the all of you.

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