Burnt Weiners Episode 064 Sixth Gun #9

Six evil and cursed weapons are causing quite a stir in the late 19th century, and the Weiners decide to look into the matter a bit more with Sixth Gun #9 from Oni Press.

Gunner, the best 5 year old reviewer we could find, checks in with the latest Tiny Titans!

Weed gets back to what he knows best, and what he knows best ain’t very nice! He shares Morning Glories #7(Image), Spike #5 (IDW) and Skullkickers #6 with us. Steege gets in some time with the demo for Dragon Age 2 for PC and X-Box 360, and reveals laziness to be part of his pre-order thought process.

John checks in with Deadpool #33 (Marvel), Justice League Generation Lost #20 (DC), and a small bit about Astonishing X-Men #36 (Marvel). Bo decides he can let Spawn #203 (Image) back into his life along with Green Arrow #9 (DC), is amazed at the silence and craziness in Amazing Spider-Man #655(Marvel), and rubs his hands together as he talks a bit about Crossed: Psychopaths #1 (Avatar Press).

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