Burnt Weiners Episode 063 Cyclops #4

The show starts off with an bang . . . err Optic Blast as we get a letter from Cyclops of X-Men fame!

In some sort of coincidence, the Weiners are checking out Cyclops #4 from Archaia. What are their thoughts on the reality-tv war tale coming from the creators of THE KILLER?

Steege checks out the game featured in just about every single comic on the rack this month with RIFTS. Weed takes us to school about Dungeons and Dragon #4 (IDW), Doom Patrol #19 (DC), Angel #42 (IDW), Brightest Day #20 (DC), and DC Universe Online Legends #2.

John is thrilled with the first issue of Jennifer Blood (Dynamite), Deadpool Max #4 (Marvel), What If Venom/Deadpool (IDW), and Wolverine & Jubilee #2 (Marvel). Bo dishes out some Bitchin’ Bo Fiction for Wolves and Jubs #2, then talks X-Men: Xenogenesis #5 (Marvel) and Batman #707 (DC).

Coming next week a special review of Tiny Titans from our favorite 5 year old comic book reader!

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