The Next Issue 53: Katsucon, CatSh*t One, but no Obi Wan.

The Next Issue Podcast

In this episode, Aitch and Elden listen as Smu tells us about Katsucon which took place in DC over the weekend, details emerge on Shane Black to helm Iron Man 3 and The Governator announces he will return to acting.
In what’s tangling the webs, the guys discuss the X-Men 1st Class trailer and the youtube animated short, CatShit One based on the mange Apocalypse Meow. Lastly the guys discuss what in their queue with Pillars of the Earth being a real watcher, while a newly released DC animation toon you may find yourself saving money on.
Make sure you listen in to the conversation with Aitch and Barry Deutch at the conclsuion of the show…and while you are at it, check out Breakfast of the Gods.

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