Burnt Weiners Episode 062 Wormworld Saga

Checking out a webcomic that has taken the internet world by storm, the Weiners gather around the computer, hold hands and plunge into the lush, vibrant world of Wormworld Saga. Well, we are hoping what they were holding was hands . . .


Steege looks into D&D Dark Sun (IDW) and plays a bit of Fable 3 in his spare time. Wolverine #1000 (Marvel) has some war stories that Bo digs the hell out of before he then dives into the ongoing tale from the red planet Warlord of Mars (Dynamite Entertainment).

Bullseye is figuring out Frank Castle in Punisher Max #10 (Marvel) and John is eating it up as well as the story of magic returning to the real world in Magus #2 (12 Gauge). Weed is loving what he is reading in Birds of Prey #9 (DC) and Heroes For Hire #3 (Marvel), and always, has to throw a shoutout to Unwritten (Vertigo).

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