Chronic Insomnia – Issue # 179 3 Gallon Stomach!

The trains are running on time again for Chronic Insomnia, the world’s most absurd comic book podcast!  We open the way Super Bowl 45 should have opened: with the golden tones of our good friend Dennis!  We cover the Big Game’s trailers for Captain America and Thor, because as card carrying nerds, we are incapable of NOT doing so.  Little going on in news, other than 33 million folks trying to get tickets to this year’s Comic Con International, so Ryan remembers the late great Steve Gerber and then whines about Previews for roughly 15 minutes.

There’s also some nonsense where we teach you how to score considerable amounts of cash with comics and trades that are likely laying around collecting dust in a local comic shop near you, but nobody likes money, so skip past that part.  The important thing is that we discuss in great detail the affectionate relationships between ourselves and sentient mannequins, complete with a soundtrack by Starship.  You’ve been warned.

As always check out our good friends at Where Monsters Dwell and our award winning blog.  Could 1300 readers be wrong?  As always we love the all of you.

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