The Next Issue 52: A hole in the head does not make a good villain

The Next Issue Podcast

In this issue, Aitch, Greg and Smu, discuss fairweather fans among other things…
In the news, The Xoom stumbles out of the gate at 800 bucks, Henry Cavill is cast to play the Man of Steel and the NYCC gets an extra day.

Greg tells us about his new Apple TV

We also talk about the Thundercats promo.

In Comic Reviews Aitch and Greg talk about Batman and Robin 19 storyline finishing the Absence and why she is such a poor villain. They also discuss Fantastic Four 587 (spoilers abound and Greg dicusses Dracula Company of Monsters.

The guys end the night talking about the Super Bowl ads and particularly the movie trailers for the upcoming Summer 2011 movies

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