Burnt Weiners Episode 060 Star Wars Darth Vader And The Lost Command #1

Darth Vader is center stage in the new Star Wars comic from Dark Horse. Will his brutal methods allow him to both punish Jedi’s and do what the Empire needs? And will John’s autoerotic asphyxiation fan fiction of the masked villian be accepted by the Star Wars community?

Steege checks out Kick-Puncher from the Community Season 1 DVD Set. Excitement is in the air, as Weed tells us that Skullkickers (Image) finally includes some kicks to the skulls!

Bo brings up Magneto (Marvel) which sparks a discussion about the origins of characters, before diving deep into the Robots Anthology (Accent UK). Doug TenNaple has snared John in his trap of awesome comics with Creature Tech (Image) and the online comic Ratfist (Ratfist.com)!

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