Burnt Weiners Episode 059 Wolverine And Jubilee #1

Kathy Immonen and Phil Noto bring back the mall-going Jubilee in her new Vampire infested persona, who is receiving help and guidance from the most sage-like mutant in the history of the Marvel Universe! No, not Deadpool, you fool, it is Wolverine! Did the Weiners enjoy this particular venture into X?

Bo quantum leap slide(er)s into Doorways #3 (IDW) from George R.R. Martin before talking about Batman #706 (DC). Steege finally catches up with the rest of the the nerd kingdom with Final Fantasy XIII.

John shows how much he loves boys (what?) with his gushing on(double what?) on The Boys #50 (Dynamite), then checks out a new vision of the underworld with Nancy In Hell (Image). Weed once again loves what Brightest Day (DC) is bringing to the table, and bids goodbye to Season 8 with Buffy #40 (Dark Horse).

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