Chronic Insomnia – Issue # 176 We Shall Overcome $3.99!

Join Mike & Ryan for another edition of the world’s most absurd comic book podcast!  We celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day exactly as he never intended – by saying a lot of unnecessarily mean things and arguing about digital comics.

Big news week this time, folks.  Phoenix Jones gets his face readjusted while making sure that the crimes he stops are never prosecuted.  Nicely done, superhero!  Spider-Man: Turn Off The OSHA Manual is delayed yet again, and Rich Johnston’s proposed “Nielsen Ratings” system for digital comics gets us started on that topic for another thirty solid minutes.

Plus, two seminal Image books came out last week.  One was a superbly executed milestone achievement in comics storytelling, and the other was Spawn # 200.  Find out why Savage Dragon ate the Hellspawn’s lunch and why it’s worthy of your pull list!  More market analysis, more sacrilege, and more fun than a barbed wire catheter.  We are Chronic Insomnia, and we love the all of you.

Now go vote Where Monsters Dwell into another Barry Award, why don’t you?  Feel free to listen to those awesome Canadians at Where Monsters Dwell.  We also have a blog and half-finished website.

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