Burnt Weiners & Tales From The Parents Basement : Favorites from 2010

What do you get when two teams of huge dorks get together for a long phonecall and record it? You guessed it! What you have just discovered is the crossover between TALES OF THE PARENTS BASEMENT and BURNT WEINERS! Now only illegal in 6 states!

Unsure what to do when calling each other, they naturally descend into comic talk, choosing to share some of their favorite comics of 2010! So strap in, enjoy a long show, and at the tail end we also talk about a few things we are looking forward to in 2011!

Weed: Unwritten #17 (Vertigo), Secret Six #27? (DC), Thanos Initiative #? (Marvel), The Magic Flute (Black Dog?), Persepolis (Pantheon)

Spencer: Brave & The Bold #33 (DC), Jonah Hex #50 (DC), Locke and Key: Keys to the Kingdom #1 (IDW), Asterios Polyp (Pantheon), Parker: The Outfit (Idea & Design)

Steege: Electric Ant #2 (Marvel), Unknown Soldier #21 (Vertigo), Dungeons and Dragons #1 (IDW), Elmer (SLG), Blacksad (Dark Horse)

Bo: The Tick #4 (New England), Electric Ant #2 (Marvel), Robert E Howard’s Savage Sword #1 (Dark Horse), Battle For The Cowl (DC), Orc Stain (Image)

Jim: Hellboy In Mexico (Dark Horse), Northlanders #29 (Vertigo), Batman: Hidden Treasures (DC), Mysterius: The Unfathomable (Wildstorm), A God Somewhere (Wildstorm)

Ryan: Our Army At War (DC), Stuff Of Legend: The JungleĀ  (Th3rd World Studios), Weird War Tales (DC Comics), Man Of GlassĀ  (Accent UK), You Have Killed Me (Oni Press)

John: Unknown Soldier #21 (Vertigo), Battlefields #9 Motherland Part 3 of 3 (Dynamite Entertainment), Whatever Happened To The World’s Fastest Man (Accent UK),
Revolver (Vertigo), Blacksad (Dark Horse)

Cally: First Wave Batman/Doc Savage One Shot (DC), Hellboy The Storm #3 (Dark Horse), JLA Cry For Justice (DC), Wedensday Comics (DC), You Have Killed Me (Oni Press)

Mark: New Mutants #1 (Marvel), 28 Days Later #11 (Boom), Immortal Weapons #4 (Marvel), Sweet Tooth Vol 1 (Vertigo), North 40 (Wildstorm)

Special thanks to Adam Warrock, who was kind enough to let us us some of his awesome tracks for the music on this show. You can find more information on Adam Warrock on www.adamwarrock.com and find his music on Itunes and Amazon.



We all are looking forward to an awesome year in comics from 2011! Please feel free to email either one of our shows and let us know what you are looking forward to.

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