F BombCast 112: Mythology, Theology, and Care Bears

THIS IS A OLD SHOW! With a wife on vacation, a co host in lala land, and another still skiing or something, this is a fantastic example of what the FBC used to be like when we were on the original feed. We Start with Cum, Briefly mention politics, Go into some comics talk, end with a list of some sort. Wait who the hell am I kidding that is still what our show is but just more condensed. In this one, we find out just how bad a parent Mike and TJ are, We talk Grant Morrison and some horribly wrong speculation that we know now in hindsight, Ms. Marvel, Brubaker, and Hulk. To put a shiny bow on this we make a presidential administration out of Superhero characters, because I am sure no one else has ever thought to do something like that before. If you are new to the show, this is a treat of a marathon clocking in at just over 2 hours (how long our show used to be), if you are a long time fan, revisit the good old days.

get it on iTunes, at http://www.fbombcast.com, or this handy little player right here

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