Burnt Weiners Episode 054 Heroes For Hire #1

Misty Knight is getting the band back together . . . and the Weiners all try out for the bass spot! Talking about a book they had been looking to for some time (well, since they read about it on the internet box and/or Previews), will everyone want to hire or fire these heroes? Check it out!

Weed, John and Bo all gush a bit about how much they love their monthly dose of Secret Six (DC), before Weed goes on to tell us about his feelings of the wrap up on Shadowland (Marvel), the fun of Warriors Three (Marvel) and how he is dismissing the latest Buffy stories from Darkhorse from his perception of the series. Steege tells of his pitch invasion into the tabletop world of Bloodbowl and how he hates his local internet provider!

Bo swings in to talk about Amazing Spider-Man (Marvel), and his anticpation of how awesome C2E2 2011 could be and some of the guests announced. John recommends Supergod (Avatar Press) from Warren Ellis and touches upon Walking Dead on AMC.

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