The Next Issue 48: Leslie and Irvin, RIP and BTW the TSA can shove it!

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In this issue Aitch, Smu, Elden and Kev talk about the passings of both Leslie Neilson and Invin Kirschner. Why is Marky Mark cast for Uncharted? The Whendon universe vents its fury at a Buffy reboot and more news you can use. In what’s tangling the webs the TSA has gone too dayumed far and there are more than enough parodies and real news articles that prove it.

In 1st impressions Kev sums up the first season of the Walking Dead series and Aitch gives his impression of the Young Justice premier on the CN. In comics reviews, Kev revies issue 49 of the Boys and Aitch reviews the Batman December 2010 One Shot. Also please listen to the PSA about coping through the holidays.

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