F BombCast 111: Swedish Chili Festival

A lot is revealed in this super special edition of the podcast that gets your grey matter moving. (now isn’t that a lot of hyperbole that really amounts to a pile of shit.) Mike is away teaching skiers how to properly ride a bus, so Kevin and TJ take the helm and lead with a scintillating discussion on the walking dead and whether or not it should be called an adaptation or is it just something that is very loosely based on the book. The Atrocity of the Spiderman Musical is discussed and TJ’s love of Tweener Sit-Com is fully explored as he tells you what is worth watching and what isn’t. A fan mail is read from Frosty London, and Monkey doesn’t disappoint by making us do a top five list of our favorite movies of all time. The documentary Secret Origins: The History of DC Comics is none of those things, unless they just wanted to keep some of the most important things a secret to the viewers. X-Men: Legacy, Sandman, and JSA are all discussed as well. Enjoy!

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