Burnt Weiners Episode 053 Kull & The Hate Witch #1

Kull shows his hand and discloses his strong dislike of witches with his new series from Dark Horse. The Weiners take a close look and examine the ramnifications this may have on the acceptanceof witches into today’s society . . . and have a poop joke or two.

Bo is checking out severe hallucinations and The Green Hornet (DYnamite), while Steege checks out some Asassin’s Creed, Dungeons and Dragons (IDW), Supergod (Avatar), Fallout New Vegas and a tremendous book about chickens called Elmer (honestly, it is really good).

John is loving his dive into war comics with the latest trade collection of Billy Tucci’s Sgt Rock: The Lost Battalion (DC Comics). Weed then tells us a bit about Shadowland (Marvel) and Skullkickers (Image) before . . . telling us all about his experiences with DC UNIVERSE ONLINE, and spends a good amount of time talking about how much he is enjoying it and why!

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