Chronic Insomnia – Issue # 168 Japanese Rain Goggles!

It’s another thankful episode of the world’s most absurd comic book podcast, featuring your exceptionally juvenile hosts Mike & Ryan! This week’s opener covers the dangers of wearing black pants and the final sign of America’s descent into madness – democratic abortions!

Chronic News dives deep into the world of Seattle’s real life superheroes and discovers lame people being driven around by their girlfriends in a Kia Fate.  We’ll mark that one as a fail.  Lou Ferrigno is now protecting the Arizona border, plus the triumphant return of the D-Bag of the Week!  We cover last week’s Osborn # 1 and the rise of Kelly Sue DeConnick, and also find evidence that Mike and Jimmy Palmiotti have more in common than you’d imagine.

This is a classic “back to the basics” episode with far too many references to bodily fluids, but a distinct paucity of Market Spotlight.  (insert approving crowd roar here)  When you’re finished with our dog and pony show, be sure to march straight over to Where Monsters Dwell this week with special guest Mark Teixeira!

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