Burnt Weiners Episode 052 Batman Inc #1

Bruce Wayne has returned and he is setting up shop all around the globe to stop the bad guys! The Weiners take a look at Bruce’s new operation in Batman Inc #1, but take a closer look at the sexiness of Catwoman!

We are then treated to a very special edition of Tyler’s “Street Meet” where he runs into a gentleman who thinks Cyclops is cuter then Wolverine, and offers a few favors for Bo (and Tyler).

Bo talks about the whole slew of Batman stuff he has been checking out lately including Batman #704 and Batman The Return! Halfway through Bo’s comics, we are joined by the always charming and disgusting Brian!

Travis checks out some TV shows, and then John talks about Deadpool MAX and Highland Laddie #4 (Dynamite Ent) before the show dives straight into anarchy!

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Please Note: Do not take this episode orally as indicated on the directions. It should read “aurally”. Thank you

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