F BombCast 109: Nipples on Hairy backs

Right from the get go we learn two key things about the F BombCast that should be our motto and campaign slogan, We at the F BombCast are both Anti-Rape and Anti-Holocaust. Mike is losing his memory and Kevin level of self loathing has reached a new high. TJ’s annoyed at something but when the hell isn’t he. We discuss AMC’s plan to screw up the praise that The Walking Dead is getting, and our level of excitement for a new Hulk TV series on ABC. Thor: The Mighty Avenger is cancelled and Hike is… okay with it, huh?!?! And in an “effort” to gain new readers, Marvel has decided to fuck with the ones they already have. Comics are discussed, oh yes they are. Scarlet 3, Detective 869-870, DeadpoolMax and Deadpool Team up and more are all discussed. as well as THUNDER Agents and Supergirl Annual 2.

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