Previews Spotlight #037: 2010-11

John Mayo and Bob Bretall discuss the contents of the November 2010 Previews catalog and play clips sent in from listeners spotlighting items they picked.

We had 2 other podcasts/blogs represented this month:

Monarch Comics Briefing

Welcome to Heavenside

and 2 listeners:

Randy Dickson

Ian Gowan

Items mentioned:

p.22 (Trevor Chapman) Darth Vader & the Lost Command #1

p.42 (Trevor Chapman) Mass Effect – Evolution #1

p.62 (John Mayo) All $2.99 DC Titles DCBS 45%

p.74 (Damian Smith) Batman Beyond #1 DCBS 50%

p.78 (Randy Dickson) Batgirl #17

p.82 (Randy Dickson) Supergirl #60

p.88 (John Mayo) Green Arrow #8 DCBS 45%

p.92 (Bob Bretall) Adventure Comics #522 DCBS 45%

p.103 (Trevor Chapman) Suicide Squad v1 – Trial By Fire TP

p.104 (Trevor Chapman) Superman – The Black Ring HC

p.107 (Bob Bretall) Young Justice #1 DCBS 50%

p.121 (Damian Smith) Hellblazer #275 DCBS 50%

p.138 (John Mayo) Infestation #1 DCBS 75%

p.143 (Bob Bretall) Fallen Angel: Return of the Son #1 DCBS 50% ** Interview w/JK Woodward **

p.143 (Damian Smith) Fallen Angel: Omnibus v2

p.144 (John Mayo) Doctor Who Vol. 2 #1 DCBS 50%

p.145 (Trevor Chapman) Dark Sun #1

p.149 (Trevor Chapman) Transformers: Rising Storm #1

p.168 (Bob Bretall) Infinite Vacation #1 DCBS 75%

p.178 (Bob Bretall) Term Life OGN DCBS 50% ** Interview w/AJ Lieberman & Nick Thornborrow **

p.198 (John Mayo) Twilight Guardian #1 DCBS 50%

p.M9 (Trevor Chapman) Ultimate Comics Captain America #1 DCBS 50%

p.M20 (Trevor Chapman) Secret Avengers #9

p.M22 (Bob Bretall) Captain America: Hail Hydra DCBS 45%

p.M28 (John Mayo) Invincible Iron Man #500 DCBS 50%

p.M48 (Trevor Chapman) Thanos Imperative: Devastation DCBS 50%

p.M49 (John Mayo) Secret Warriors #24 DCBS 45%

p.M58 (Bob Bretall) Wolverine & Jubilee #1 DCBS 50%

p.M63 (Trevor Chapman) Blockbusters of the Marvel Universe

p.223 (Bob Bretall) Phoenix #1 DCBS 45%

p.239 (Trevor Chapman) Dracula: Company of Monsters v1 TP

p.251 (Ian Gowan) Sherlock Holmes Year One #1

p.310 (Randy Dickson) Eaglemoss Blackest Night Figurines

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