Burnt Weiners Episode 050 Superboy #1

Our 50th Episode! Please email us about ordering the chrome, foil, 3-D, prismatic, sketch, convention exclusive, mail in, signed, numbered, bagged and wraparound edition of the podcast!

Superboy is back in Smallville, kicking it in a new title written by Jeff Lemire and drawn by Pier Gallo, and the Weiners are checking it out (from afar, with binoculars).

Weed checks out Brightest Day (DC Comics), I Zombie (Vertigo), Buffy (Dark Horse), and Warriors Three (Marvel), before premiering his new segment: Weed’s Stash!

Brad checks out an older Teen Titans trade, while Steege had a good time at the local nerdfest known as D-Frag. A couple of the Weiners checked out the new Walking Dead series on AMC.

John has an awesome week of comics and laments a bit about the last issue of Unknown Soldier (Vertigo), Scarlet (Icon(, Serenity: A Shepard’s Tale (Dark Horse) and the new hardcover collection of The Coffin (IDW).

Bo checks out a Star Wars book that he grabbed from Weed before he talks about Secret Six (DC) and Crossed (Avatar Press), which leads to a bit more Crossed talk.

Weed also talks about a comic called Vision Machine #1, which is available here:


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