Burnt Weiners Episode 047 Web Comics A Go Go

The Weiners finally learn how to use the wide, wide world of the web and check out some of the offerings of web comics (or series that were formerly web comics). Find the links below:

Order of the Tales – www.rice-boy.com
Guns of Shadow Valley – www.gunsofshadowvalley.com
Fart Party – www.fartparty.org
What Birds Know – www.fribergthorelli.com/wbk/
Strange Times – www.accentukcomics.com/strangetimesContents.html
Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic – www.yafgc.net
Hereville – www.hereville.com
Looking For Group – www.lfgcomic.com
Particle Fiction – www.particlefiction.posterous.com

Only 17 chipmunks were harmed in the making of this show. And 4 humans. Possibly a porcupine.

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