Chronic Insomnia – Issue # 163 I Think We’re Broken!

This week a minor plague is infecting Ryan, which is usually good for some spacey fun.  The opener includes a full discussion of Mike’s hero Brett Favre and his amazing texting wang.  This segues naturally into Jimmy Johnson and his diabolical Extenze commercials, and the fact that Ryan has declared war on his own eyebrows.  Somebody call Geena Davis and grab those wire snips she took to Goldblum’s back in The Fly!

News includes more 411 on “The 99″.  Cloak, Dagger, and The Hulk to a TV screen near you, and we’ll tell you why you need to run not walk to your local theater to see “Red”!  (No spoilers in the review)  And hey, if you want to talk to Red artist Cully Hamner, be sure to check out Where Monsters Dwell this Wednesday!

The Hoary Hoasts of Hoggoth may have taken up residence in our throats, but doing this show is so much fun we would rather face the Flames of Faltine than skip.  We are Chronic Insomnia. And we love the all of you.  If you like Canadian’s listen to Where Monsters Dwell.  They are much better than us.

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