F BombCast 103: Battle of Good Bad Movies

Episode 103
With one bomber having audio troubles and another going to a dinner with celebrities, the f bombcast needed to run a repeat this week. The Full Monty Folks, Here and Waving our geek Flag proudly. Psst, Did you know there was a thing called Breast Cancer? If not let me just say WooHoo I just raised your awareness. A discussion of the direction of DC comics post Blackest Night as well as about event burnout in general. A bunch a really good movies are discussed: The Kite Runner, Battlestar Galactica: The Plan, Some Dungeons and Dragons Flick Mike watched, Drag Me to Hell, A Haunting in Connecticut. Then the boys get all philosophical on two movies that really no one should ever get philosophical about ever: Doomsday and They Live. The Musical INfatuation lives as we hear a god awful indie song by Kevin but since it is about Steve McQueen it automatically becomes cool, Kamelot from Mike, and Dream Theater from TJ. Comics Round out this table of geekery with: Stumptown, House of Mystery, and Godland.

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