Burnt Weiners Episode 045 Madam Moiselle

Burnt Weiners Episode 045 Madam Moiselle

DC launched an all out offensive this past month with war comics, and the Weiners check out the last installment which features Madam Moiselle doing what she does best . . . drinking, punching and blowing things up! Did this one tickle their fancy like the others did?

Weed checks out First Wave (DC), John and Weed talk about some awesome comics coming up from some of their favorite creators, Weed keeps on talking about Angel, X-Men vs Vampires, and why the X-Men are dirty hippies. He also gives a quick shoutout to online Magic The Gathering service, and laments about hsi decision to watch Zombie Strippers.

John is excited once again for the last issue of 1 Month 2 Live, how “normal” Crossed Family Values was this month, and had just started I Am Legion.

Steege re-announces the winner for his contest, checks out Civilization 5 every single night passing on sleep, Kane and Lynch (Wildstorm), and another computer game that comes wiht a boobies mousepad!



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