Chronic Insomnia – Issue # 160 Shaken, Not Stirred!

Welcome to another marathon edition of Chronic Insomnia, the world’s most absurd comic book podcast! Find out what’s shakin’ with “00″ agents Mike, Ryan, and special guest Metro Mike! This week’s intro is mercifully politics-free, but does cover a miraculous invention perfect for any handyman. Or preferably handywoman.

In Chronic News, we cover all the seismic activity at DC Comics, including their new EIC and an unexpected change of heart regarding Dan Didio. Walking Dead inches us a little further into the digital age, and Ryan has an idea to save comics that might actually be crazy enough to work! Or not.

We might not be able to pull the industry from the brink, but we definitely have a Mike McLarty feature article on comics news site Bleeding Cool about Market Spotlight! This week’s segment covers the Skullkickers phenomenon, including a play on this buzzy book you probably haven’t heard of, plus two more opportunities to make your comics support your comics habit!

Once again we run down everything you need to know a few things you really don’t about Smallville’s season premiere! All that plus a special Canada Report featuring film goddess Kate Beckinsale, and the second part of our conversation with podcasting goddess Comic Tube Vikki!

It’s a big show with big friends and we want to remind you to check out our friends at Where Monsters Dwell and Comic Tube.  Both outstanding shows that are so much better than ours you should just stop our show and flip on theirs.  Also if you like, check out our world famous blog and tell us what you think by emailing us at  As always, we love the all of you.

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